Review: Every Man a Menace

Every Man a Menace Every Man a Menace by Patrick Hoffman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In all honesty, nearly every page of this book felt like something I’d seen before in an action movie or an episode of NCIS, Law & Order, or CSI. Read: mostly CSI. It was chock full of drug and crime tropes. Most scenes were cliche knock offs of the movies and shows.

The one redeeming quality of the book was the way it weaved these scenes together. Rather than reading straight through, the book hopped across points in the story’s timeline and jumped between the main characters’ viewpoints. Everything converged in the final chapter which, again just being honest, should have ended with Gloria’s final question to Jackie. The final 1-2 pages of Chi and Salvador were superfluous and actually pulled away from the “ha!” moment of satisfaction gained from Gloria’s final scam.

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