2017 Book Plans

Now that I’m solidly into a pattern of reading, I’m finding that I’m able to meet my original goal of 5 books per month. Audiobooks are 80% of the reason behind that. Either way, I’ve needed to up the ante a little bit for 2017 and add not just the 5 monthly Book of the Month Club picks but also previous picks from Oprah’s Book Club and the Kindle First book I chose.

In theory that means I should be averaging a goal of 7-8 books per month. Oprah’s Book Club isn’t as simple as monthly picks, so some months I’ll have none from there and others I’ll be swimming in 8-10 selections from her club alone. I doubt I’ll be in a position to run out of books in any month this year, because I still have all the backfill from 1996-2016 for OBC and 2015-2017 for BotM to sift through. When that time does come (ideally it will), then I have a handful of 100 Best lists I want to work through as well. Again, I don’t see those happening until 2018 at the earliest. We’ll see.

For now, the widgets on the right will display the books I’m currently tackling (sometimes one at a time, sometimes a plethora) plus the current month’s collective lists (BotM, OPC, KF). When we get to the point that I’m tackling the 100 Best lists, that may change. I haven’t yet decided how I’ll tackle those once I get there. Either way, the monthly list would always stay, as BotM would continue to throw 5 new titles at me every so many weeks.

Author: Areil

I have many titles – the most important being mom. My son, Dylan, is my life and joy. He definitely keeps me on my feet! I enjoy math, science, coding, computers in general, using tools (amps my ego, what can I say), reading, and watching what I’d like to call a wide variety of television shows (though they can easily be summed up with “Nerdical Spy-Date” shows).

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