Day 1

My post yesterday said today should be a core day, but the planned workout just felt a little dull. I chose to do two Blogilates videos instead: Abs on Fire and Bikini Blaster 5.

While only about 15 minutes long a piece, they don’t seem like they should be that intimidating (especially when you first see Cassey’s bubbly personality). They are. They definitely are.

Some of the moves were tricky due to my.. uh.. well, my fat contents (I’m looking at you, side planks and cross body knee tucks), so I had to kind of phone it in with those. I still did something, I just didn’t necessarily do exactly what she was telling me to do. I’m okay with that. As I progress, it should become easier.

On that note about fat contents, Cassey published an eye opening picture this week that showed 5 lb of muscle vs 5 lb of fat. I’ve seen the comparisons before, but I’m not sure they were ever of such a large amount. Usually the comparisons are of a yellow blob next to a smaller red blob. And while, yes, you can tell that the yellow blob is larger, it still doesn’t quite get the point across. Cassey’s examples do for me. I see a lean quadricep next to a thunder thigh.

I have about 13-14 of those blobs to lose if I want to reach my goal weight. Of course, I wouldn’t complain if I simply traded in a few for some lean muscle!

October Goals & Plans

I had a goal in September to lose 1.5 lb per week, for a total loss of 4.5 lb. Well, I bombed that. I ended up gaining 2.7 lb. Whoops!

For October, my goal is to lose 1.5 lb per week, and hopefully, to also lose that 2.7 lb I gained in September.

These numbers aren’t the greatest, but I’m hoping to improve that. If all goes as planned, I could be at 130 or less by my next birthday (August 2015)!

Goal Actual Diff Goal Actual Diff
7-Sep 196.00 196.00 0.00 5-Oct 197.20 197.20
14-Sep 194.50 196.50 -2.00 12-Oct 195.70 195.70
21-Sep 193.00 198.50 -5.50 19-Oct 194.20 194.20
28-Sep 191.50 198.70 -7.20 26-Oct 192.70 192.70
4.50 -2.70 7.20 0.00


To help me get there, I’m going to attempt a 15-30 min workout regimen with 3 days cardio, 3 days strength, 1 day rest.

Some days I may sub the planned workout with a trip to the Y for a class, and ideally, I’d add swimming to the mix at the Y on the weekends.  There’s also a yoga class on Sunday afternoons that would be fun to try.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
20-30 min cardio
core 20-30 min cardio upper body 20-30 min cardio total body
fat burning bodyweight hiit six pack abs core strength fat burning bodyweight hiit ultimate full body dumbbell fat burning bodyweight hiit ultimate at home no equipment
3×12 squat
3×12 cross body mountain climbers
3×15 butt lift
3×12 burpees
3×15 jumping jacks
3x30s side plank
3×15 dive bombers
3x30s plank
3×15 butt lift
3×15 inchworm
3×15 jackknife situp
3x30s side plank
3×12 jump squat
3×10 clap pushup
3×15 bicycle crunch
3×15 alternating lunge squat jumps
3×10 standing long jump
3×10 static pushup hold
3×15 goblet squat
3×12 dumbbell deadlift
3×12 dumbbell lunge
3×12 dumbbell flat bench press
3×15 dumbbell overhead shoulder press
3×12 dumbbell lateral raise
3×10 wide pushup
3x30s wall sit
3×15 dive bombers
3×15 walking lunges
3×15 superman
3×15 inchworm
3×15 walking lunge
3×10 jump squat
3×10 bird dogs
3×12 cross body mountain climbers
3×8 static pushup hold
3×10 dead bug


Purple = YMCA; Yellow = Elsewhere (Mon-Sun):





To round this plan out, I also need to get my act together on the meal planning front. And then, I need to follow through with it. Easier said than done, but it’s time.