October Goals & Plans

I had a goal in September to lose 1.5 lb per week, for a total loss of 4.5 lb. Well, I bombed that. I ended up gaining 2.7 lb. Whoops!

For October, my goal is to lose 1.5 lb per week, and hopefully, to also lose that 2.7 lb I gained in September.

These numbers aren’t the greatest, but I’m hoping to improve that. If all goes as planned, I could be at 130 or less by my next birthday (August 2015)!

Goal Actual Diff Goal Actual Diff
7-Sep 196.00 196.00 0.00 5-Oct 197.20 197.20
14-Sep 194.50 196.50 -2.00 12-Oct 195.70 195.70
21-Sep 193.00 198.50 -5.50 19-Oct 194.20 194.20
28-Sep 191.50 198.70 -7.20 26-Oct 192.70 192.70
4.50 -2.70 7.20 0.00


To help me get there, I’m going to attempt a 15-30 min workout regimen with 3 days cardio, 3 days strength, 1 day rest.

Some days I may sub the planned workout with a trip to the Y for a class, and ideally, I’d add swimming to the mix at the Y on the weekends.  There’s also a yoga class on Sunday afternoons that would be fun to try.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
20-30 min cardio
core 20-30 min cardio upper body 20-30 min cardio total body
fat burning bodyweight hiit six pack abs core strength fat burning bodyweight hiit ultimate full body dumbbell fat burning bodyweight hiit ultimate at home no equipment
3×12 squat
3×12 cross body mountain climbers
3×15 butt lift
3×12 burpees
3×15 jumping jacks
3x30s side plank
3×15 dive bombers
3x30s plank
3×15 butt lift
3×15 inchworm
3×15 jackknife situp
3x30s side plank
3×12 jump squat
3×10 clap pushup
3×15 bicycle crunch
3×15 alternating lunge squat jumps
3×10 standing long jump
3×10 static pushup hold
3×15 goblet squat
3×12 dumbbell deadlift
3×12 dumbbell lunge
3×12 dumbbell flat bench press
3×15 dumbbell overhead shoulder press
3×12 dumbbell lateral raise
3×10 wide pushup
3x30s wall sit
3×15 dive bombers
3×15 walking lunges
3×15 superman
3×15 inchworm
3×15 walking lunge
3×10 jump squat
3×10 bird dogs
3×12 cross body mountain climbers
3×8 static pushup hold
3×10 dead bug


Purple = YMCA; Yellow = Elsewhere (Mon-Sun):





To round this plan out, I also need to get my **** together on the meal planning front. And then, I need to follow through with it. Easier said than done, but it’s time.

Fitness Assessment – Starting

Because I am now a member of the Y, I am able to participate in some of their member perks – such as a fitness assessment for $15.

Tonight I had my first session of the assessment (session 2 will be in 3 months).

The assessment consisted of vitals, measurements, and a few fitness tests.


Body fat analysis:

Based on 5’7, 195lb – 36.1% body fat, 70.5lb fat mass, 124.5lb lean mass [This should, ideally, be in the 12-18% range, but definitely below 30%]


Heart/Cardio measurements:

Resting heart rate – 85 bpm [This should be 72 bpm or lower]

Blood pressure – 126/60

Recovery heart rate after 1:45 of 12in stepping at a 96 bpm pace Р130 bpm
(My quad seized on my right knee, so I had to quit before 3 min. Boo)


Fitness assessment:

Sit-ups in 1 min – 19, Fair rating for age/gender

Push ups – 7, Poor rating for age/gender

Sit-and-Reach flexibility test – 19 in, Average rating for age/gender


My goals for when I test again in 3 months:

1. Increase sit-ups to 24

2. Increase push ups to 10

3. Increase sit-and-reach to 20

4. Decrease recovery heart rate to 120-124 bpm

5. Lose approx. 12 lbs (1 lb / week)